Think Medicolegal does not provide primary medical reports for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents. This is organised through groups, or individuals registered with MedCo. MedCo has been introduced as a new system, to facilitate the sourcing of medical reports in soft tissue injury claims, brought under the Ministry of Justice’s new Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic Accidents. All information is available at

These reports are usually undertaken by GPs, and provide a report documenting a simple overview of the injuries that the claimant has sustained. These reports are designed to be impartial, and cost effective. However, the difficulty arises when the injuries sustained are more complex. In this situation, a specialist opinion is required, and is outwith the remit of MedCo.

Often the opinion of a Orthopaedic Surgeon is required, when the injuries are musculoskeletal, or a Psychiatrist, if anxiety is the ongoing problem. However, all Experts including Orthopaedic surgeons have  their own areas of expertise and this is something that must be taken into consideration. Think Medicolegal can provide advice and support on picking the correct specialist, to keep the costs down, and prevent any unnecessary reports.

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