Think Medicolegal is a new company that has been set up to return control of the medicolegal market, back to the medical expert and solicitor. Currently, the organisation of the majority of medical reports in England, is by Insurance companies and agencies. They determine the fees and who undertakes them.

As an independent medical expert, it is very difficult to control you own fees, referrals, and build you reputation and relationships between yourself and you local solicitors.  Think Medicolegal aim to change this. We aim to connect the expert, directly to the solicitors, and take out the middle man, i.e the agencies. Not only will this reduce the legal costs, but also provide higher quality reports, by forming relationships with individual solicitors.

What are the costs for you the expert, or the solicitor? None! We have been running the same model in Scotland ( for 4 years, with great results. We have spent time developing a secure, and simple online case management system, that allows solicitors to request individuals, or the first available appointment for their clients.

Experts are able to allocate time on their electronic diary, and the dedicated administrative team will allocate cases into each slot. It’s a win win! so if you are interested in joining this group, or wish to discuss things further, please get in touch.