“Whiplash” of the neck is a well recognised and documented condition, but “whiplash” of the shoulder is often overlooked. Clinicians should be aware to the possibility of a frequently missed, occult injury to the acromioclavicular (ACJ), which can be a cause of continuing pain and disability following acceleration-deceleration incidents.

Awareness on clinical examination supported by MRI scans, can assist in diagnosing this injury. Unfortunately theses injuries respond poorly to non-operative treatment, but surgical treatment has a good outcome, with return to premorbid health. Think Medicolegal can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Please contact our admin team for more information.

About the author

After successfully graduating from University of Glasgow with an LLB, Kirsten moved to the retail sector where she has forged a career in customer service. Since 2015 Kirsten has been working for Resolve Medicolegal, and helping to expand the business. She will use this experience to help Think Medicolegal grow.

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